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We Help Families.

Family Development. For families who are ready to move beyond the need for public assistance, we provide case management to help families learn to budget income, obtain job skills, further education or gain employment. Our goal is to help the person acquire the tools for life that will move him or her beyond the need for public assistance.

Sons. Young men ages 12-17 are welcome to attend classes to learn how to maneuver around issues that can lead to early fathering of a child. Group sessions are built around positive self image/esteem, sexuality-teen pregnancy, STD's and respect for self and others. Must have parental, guardian or court consent to attend.

Mothers. "Moms Outreaching Teaching Healing Educating with Resources and Services"  During this 12-week class women will learn to be better equiped with parenting skills as they make positive parenting changes which imapcts the life of her children. Self-sufficiency is incorporated through case management for mothers with needs such as employment, education and job search.

Daughters. Girls ages 12-17 will benefit from group sessions teaching subjects such as, self-esteem, substance abuse, managing anger/conflict, STD's, sexuality-teen pregnancy, teen parenting and relationships. Must have parental, guardian or court consent to attend.

Northwest Alabama Responsible Parenting Program.  To promote responsible parenting, healthy marriages and economic stability this program works with fathers and partners in a 12-week teaching and mentoring program to gain greater insight in the role of the father. Case management is incorporated to help the participant achieve his goals for employment, education and self-sufficiency.

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